60 years old Merlotta

Merlotta, 60 years of history and life: an opportunity to retrace our journey together, to recognize and thank the values that have guided us and the loved ones that have supported us.

2022 is a year to celebrate for the Merlotta company. It is the year of our family’s diamond wedding.
60 years have now passed since Paolo Minzolini and Giovanna Mimmi began their journey to crown their ambitious dream: a winery that in the Imola area would achieve successful growth and constant evolution. The dream has now become a great reality, ours.

An important goal of expressions of affection and esteem in the sector that we want to become a new starting point for achieving even more ambitious goals. Linked to the traditions, values and rituals of the land for three generations, thanks to constant passion, commitment and trust, since 1962 we have created a strong corporate identity capable of standing out for its elegance, prestige and exclusivity.