Merlotta has a new branding which has been designed with the dual objective of consolidating its position in existing markets as well as create an impact in emerging markets.
The rebranding of  Merlotta  has involved all aspects of packaging design and has produced a prestigious collection with new graphics which is particularly evident with the selected wines.

Each bottle carries a different message which gives added flavour to its contents.

The existing brand has become even more recognisable and prestigious. The marine gryphons of Merlotta were adapted in the eighties from an affresco in the family home. Art experts have linked the marine gryphons and the tridents to the Greek God Dionysus, the Bacchus of the Romans, who was the guardian of the vine and the grape harvest.

Today this trademark is an absolute guarantee of the Merlotta brand.

The key idea behind the development of the design project was to remain closely connected to our past and traditions: this consideration led us to the decision to highlight on our labels an element which is a part of our family. This symbol, which is an example of territorial identity reinforces the uniqueness of the product and the authenticity of the brand.

In this project, where a modern design is linked to values of elegance, rigor and tradition which Merlotta have always maintained, the ambitions of the company and our way of being are revealed.