Preview of the Tridènte collection

We took a few days to digest the resounding success of the day of presentation of our new line of Tridènte wines.

Many of you have come to visit us to launch this new chapter in the more than 60-year-long romance of the Merlotta winery. From the masterclass to the cultural salon to delve deeper, through meticulous research developed by historians and experts, into the genesis of the image that identifies our three new wines. Then guided tours through the vineyards and in the cellar and a big party in the garden with live music, food trucks, DJ sets and even Italy’s victory in its debut at the European Championships.

We embraced friends, colleagues, professionals, journalists, authorities, collaborators and simply curious people eager to discover something more about our wine-growing reality on the border between Imola and Dozza. Every ingredient was in the right place and this guarantees us a good margin of serenity to say that the adventure of the Tridènte line starts off under the best auspices.