Pignoletto Colli d’Imola

Let yourself be seduced

The characters of the people and the peculiarities of the grapes have merged in a resemblance that gives rise to a unique identity. This is how a wine of great finesse comes into play, capable of seducing by persuading all the senses with its graceful and bewitching ways.

0.75 L



Pignoletto D.O.C.
Colli d’Imola

Production Area

Tenuta Merlotta
Colli d’Imola

grape varieties

Grechetto gentile 100%


After careful selection, grapes are harvested, then slightly pressed and gently conveyed to the press.
Only the first pressing must is submitted to fermen- tation at a controlled temperature. Ageing sur lies follows taking advantage of the natural lysis of the yeasts’ cell walls that goes on for 60 days.

Organoleptic characteristics


Intense and bright straw yellow.


An impressively wide-ranging bouquet dominated by fruity and floral notes with a clear-cut and distinctive personality.


Good structure, appropriate smoo- thness. Its well-balanced acidity and sharp sapidity make it very pleasant on the palate. Convincing due to its distinctive elegance and persistence


10-12 °C