“…nature should be observed, listened to silently and understood, not dominated… the opposite is pure illusion…”

The key elements in our everyday work are the vineyards , the cellars and our people. The vines are at the heart of our work and each one is cultivated as if it were the only one. It is nature which decides everything and shows us the way to turn wine into art; we use our knowledge to work alongside nature. Absolute quality is the result of our everyday efforts.


Tenuta Merlotta is made up of 15 hectares of wonderful vineyards, close to the head offices and the wine-making cellars. These beautiful vineyards, loved and looked after like gardens, contribute to the unique charm of the hills located between Dozza and Montecatone. Aware that “good wine is made in the vineyard”, most of our work is focussed on the vineyards. A long and careful study of the estate’s soil composition has allowed us, over the years, to select and plant the vines which are the most appropriate variety according to the specific features of the soil.


In the cellars we treat grapes with the utmost respect and in silence we listen to the must as it becomes wine, then we patiently wait while it is ageing. We still perform tasks resulting from centuries-old ancestral wisdom, bearing in mind ancient and unchangeable lessons handed down to us. We are still working as craftsmen, aware that each detail is decisive. This is the only way in which we can create wines with a unique identity.