autochthonous selections
by nature

The Fondatori, ancient Romagna character

For some years we have reached the important milestone of sixty years of activity. Today as then we are animated by the same passion and the same ideals of rural authenticity. To celebrate this important anniversary, the project of two wines of great class and structure, typically native, dedicated to the Founders was born: two labels, re-proposed by the grandchildren as progenitors of a high-profile line.
These are “Fondatori PGRomagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Superiore Riserva, named after our grandfather Paolo, and “Fondatori GP” Romagna Albana D.O.C.G. Secco, after our grandmother Giovanna. The founders fell in love with these varieties from an early age and soon embraced the philosophy of enhancing local grapes, seeking to obtain the best possible wines from them. Today, these wines perfectly reflect local traditions and convey the passion with which the skillful hands of the same family have been producing them for generations.

Fondatori GP

Albana secco
Romagna Albana D.O.C.G.

“Style icon”

Fondatori PG

Sangiovese Superiore Riserva
Romagna D.O.C.

“Authoritative personality”

International selections
Grifi, the challenge enters the scene

A free rein

Supported by the solid experience gained in growing native varieties, in the late nineties we decided to focus on international grape varieties as well. This was a successful insight, considering that nowadays desires have to give way to needs. The ambition to compete with the best Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignons in the world encouraged us to go beyond the boundaries of the local wine-making process, broadening our horizons and looking further afield. Our spirit of initiative, strength and willingness to embrace innovative ideas allowed us to produce these talented wines that reflect a specific new way of being.

Grifaia bianco

D.O.C. Colli d’Imola

“Treasure signet”


Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva
D.O.C. Colli d’Imola

“Supreme domain”

sons of our land

The reliability of experience

The thoroughbred of the Merlotta stable. The second generation of wine-makers managed to develop, enhance and constantly improve three great classical wines, eventually making them familiar to lovers of traditional wines. These wines fully embody the characteristics of their respective appellations and are the result of the unity, hard labour and talents of the second generation. Ever since 1997 (the year in which D.O.C. Colli d’Imola was established) Raffaele, Adriana and Nerio have always believed Pignoletto, anticipating the ongoing revolution in which this wine as a variety appellation is becoming a territorial one. Today Pignoletto is the wine that links Emilia and Romagna. This important goal, that we have been pursuing for more than 20 years, is another challenge that we suceeded in winning: today Pignoletto – along with its “companion” Sangiovese – is well positioned to represent our region all over the world.


Pignoletto Frizzante
D.O.C. Sottozona Colli d’Imola

“Always the protagonist”


D.O.C. Sottozona Colli d’Imola

“Let yourself be seduced”

Petali di Viola

Sangiovese Superiore
Romagna D.O.C.

“Timeless charm”

Sparkling wines
provocative effervescence

Positive vibrations

There is a phase in the life of each one of us that stays engraved in our minds, in the shrine of the best memories. This is the hedonistic period of youth, characterised by the exhilarating desire for joie de vivre and success. Prèdio, available in two different version, is able to amplify all these feelings. The name of the collection (Prèdio means “estate” in Latin) underlines the origin of the grapes grown in a specific section of Pinot Nero on our estate. Encouraged by the requests of Marco, our sales director, Fabio (the winery’s oenologist) created these decisive and versatile sparkling wines in collaboration with Vito Piffer (a master in sparkling wines from Trento). The Merlotta brand is a quality seal for these wines, whose lively and joyful bubbles are able to brighten up any occasion.

Prèdio Brut

Gran Cuvée Brut
Brut sparkling wine

“A rare pearl”

Prèdio Rosé

Gran Rosé Extra Dry
Vino spumante Rosé

“Scent of summer”

Special wine
homage to women

An essential presence

Women of today, women of the past. Determined, strong, intuitive and generous, women capable of listening and sharing. They wisely and sensitively oversee family relations , looking after all aspects of the business with skill and determination. Their strength constantly unveils new aspects and generates new ideas. Special things are born out of the interplay between the men and women of Merlotta . Without its feminine component, Merlotta would not be the same.

Ombre di Luna

Albana Passito
Romagna Albana D.O.C.G.

“Deep meditation”

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